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Eve Ultimate Image Model & Talent, LLC, based in Troy Township, Michigan provide you with the consultation you need to become a successful model or actor.

*************We Guarantee Work!!!**********

 Helping You Become a Successful Model or Actor

We help dreams come true. See your striking image placed high on a billboard or watch yourself appear in the latest blockbuster. 

Upon completion, you receive a referral package, which includes a full body shot and a CD. Modeling and acting are very thrilling ventures, and the terrific job opportunities available to you include:

• Informal
• Runway
• Editorial
• Voice-Over
• Catalog
• Industrial
• Commercial Lifestyle
• Production Print
• TV Commercial
• Television

• Video
• Radio
• Film

Once you are hired with an agency, our work is complete and we provide you with the proper financial information needed for taxes.

Tigers Girl Acting Jobs

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